Sustainable make-up, what does that mean?

Sustainable make-up, what does that mean?

More and more companies act according to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and that is because consumers demand it today. And that's beautiful! We are becoming increasingly aware of the earth that needs help and what we use and consume. Sustainable products are getting more and more attention, such as sustainable makeup. But what exactly is that?

It is difficult to give a definition to sustainable makeup, it is different for everybody. For example, one considers it important that the products has not been tested on animals or that the products are even vegan. The other wants to use only natural products. The most sustainable form of makeup is biological make-up. Below, I would like to list these terms!



The term animal-proof-free is self-evident: animal-proof products are not tested on animals. Both the loose ingredients and the final product have not been tested for animals. Fortunately, animal testing for cosmetics in Europe is forbidden. Unfortunately, China is still the offender, because animal testing is still mandatory. In terms of sustainability and thus the environment, which belong to animals, animal tests are not really sustainable!

Where animal-proof makeup is becoming ever more familiar in Germany, vegan makeup is unfortunately not yet that known. Vegan, however, means something different from animal testing. Vegan make-up products contain no animal ingredients, such as honey or carmine. The latter is a red fluid derived from crushed lice, which is often used in lipsticks. Not a very nice idea to use it, right !? Moreover, there are other strange animal ingredients that are added to makeup products. Therefore, more and more people choose vegan makeup!
In animal-proof-free products, the product content is not considered that often. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list of a product? There are more harmful (hormone disrupting) substances than you think and a large part of what you are smearing gets into your bloodstream. By choosing natural ingredients, you avoid these synthetic substances. But note: A manufacturer may already name a product natural if only 1% is natural!
Natural ingredients are not always sustainable in nature. Do you want good quality ingredients that are obtained in a sustainable way? Then go for organic products! This takes into account the way in which the ingredients are manufactured. Often the packaging of organic products is also made of recycled or recycled material. Check out the sustainable make-up collection at!
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