What if clothes could speak?

What if clothes could speak?

Recently we read a quote from Livia Firth of Fashion Eco Age '' Call it 'eco fashion' if you want, but I think it's just common sense 'and it hit the nail. There is probably a reason that you are on the site of Sociii today; Maybe you like the fashion items, maybe you want to make the world a bit more beautiful, maybe it's a combination of the two. We hope the latter is the case. Love for fashion and for the world is the reason why we regularly visit Sociii, but above all why we, Nadia and Florien, have started th The Talking Thread.  

   The Talking Thread ("Talking Thread") has started after asking a few questions to ourselves. What if clothes could talk? What would they tell? Would they tell you that the garment was made by a child who has to work 12 hours a day in an unhealthy and / or dangerous environment? Or would they tell you that the garment is more expensive than you are used to because it was made by an adult woman with a salary above the minimum? And the substance used is that better for the environment? To answer these kinds of questions, we started a blog to look out for you all the best and give you some tips on what brands are "beautiful" brands. Thus we encountered the Sociii online store, and we are a fan.  

 Sociii shows that durable fashion is not weird, not necessarily a high treehuggers quality, but it's quite normal. What is the difference? Well, it's less harmful. It offers fair wages to the creators, and is less polluting to the world. And as long as the fashion industry is still the second most polluting industry worldwide, we are fighting for change.


  And you are doing well! By looking at durable items and possibly even buying. We always promote to wear your clothes as long as possible. But since every person needs to buy something or buy something at some point (and we understand that very well), we would like to advise you about this. Buying in itself can be difficult. Where should you start if you want to act sustainably? Sometimes new items disappear in the closet and you will not carry them anymore. To prevent that, and to make sure that you make a difference, we would like to share some buying tips.


This is obviously an obvious tip, but by choosing for durable you vote for a particular concept. This shows that there is a need for durable clothing and support the current change makers. At Sociii it's very easy: here you can shop for guilt free without looking for every item whether it's durable and / or fair.



The biggest problem of today's fashion world is the fast fashion in which everything is produced as cheaply as possible to get as short as possible and to let you buy as much as possible. In addition, there are about 52 collections a year, and something from last week can be "out". Go for timeless and make sure you can wear your clothes for a longer period. This saves you money, hassle and stress!!



Quality above quantity. At all times. Save a little longer, so you can buy really nice, good items that last long. In case of doubt, do not buy it, as you probably will not wear it with pleasure. It may seem expensive at times, but in the end you will save money by good choices. In addition, we find personally qualitative items look much more beautiful and that's what you will see and radiate. You will see that your style can rock!



Everyone is unique. That's beautiful, but sometimes a bit difficult. Because it could be just that super beautiful dress which you can’t stand at all ... Learn to know your own style so you never stumble upon buying stress or make mistakes in buying a piece that you won’t wear anymore.

Which colors are right for you? Look carefully at your eyes, your hair and your skin tone. Probably there are some colors that are extraordinarily good, and some you may not be able to wear.

What body shape do you have? And what designs are appropriate? We all know the famous pear, apple and hourglass figures, and there are different outfits. Ultimately, you yourself know best what makes you feel comfortable!

How does your body work? Some people get huge itch of wool, or get extra sweat in synthetic fabrics. If you know this kind of thing yourself, you can just leave the (cute) shirt in the store, because you're not gonna be wearing it!



There are those occasions where you want to look extra beautiful, you wear a special dress, but yes ... next opportunity, you can’t put it on anymore and it will remain in the closet. You are not the only one with this problem! Find a girlfriend who has a bit of the same size. You can also buy and wear the dress together. It's fun and saves you a lot of money.



Last but not least: If you have chosen your new clothes carefully then take care of them! That is perhaps the most sustainable thing you can do. There are countless tips to take care of your clothes. Deepen yourself in this and keep your clothes beautiful, as if you just got something new every day :)  

These were some of our tips. Hopefully, they do you a good deal and you can use them while shopping here at Sociii.nl. We would prefer to give you more tips, but to limit the length of this blog, this is it for now. On our blog https://www.thetalkingthread.com you will happily find more advice! You will also find information about the fashion industry and why we are so keen to change, about different types of materials and the latest trends and innovations in sustainable fashion. We wish you a lot of reading pleasure! You can also follow us for more inspiration on Instagram @thetalkingthread or Facebook The Talking Thread.

We are very grateful that Sociii wants to help us create more awareness about sustainable fashion, and we are especially pleased with an online store where we can buy beautiful clothes without caring about sustainability. This way we can make fashion something beautiful again!

Keep up the good work!  

Also have a look at www.sociii.nl/damen-bekleidung/herren-bekleidung for fashionable and sustainable clothes!

X Nadia and Florien The Talking Thread